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Welcome to an evening event around Paul Scheerbart and the launch of the Swedish translation of Paul Scheerbart’s manifesto Glass Architecture.

I will present a video made in a workshop with Lina Selander.

The program revolves around glass thematics in relation to Scheerbart’s work, as well as highlighting his influence on architecture, art and literature. The evening will consist of a series of short talks and reflections, readings, screenings and presentations of an Exhibition. Talks and reflections will include Irina Seits on Sergei Eisenstein’s glass, Daniel Pedersen on the architecture in Scheerbart’s literature, Erik Bryngelsson on Walter Benjamin’s essay “Erfahrung ind Armut” as well as Sven-Olov Wallenstein’s introduction of the glass architecture project of Scheerbart. Afterwards there will be a possibility for drinks. All the talks will be held in English.

Paul Scheerbart and the illuminated utopia is a collaboration between KTH School of Architecture and the Publishing House Faethon.

RESEARCHING ARCHITECTURE is a public program of events highlighting and discussing the role of research and its relation to architecture practice and society. Through various forms of dialogue the program aims at presenting ongoing research and connecting academia and architecture practice as well as other fields, issues and contexts. Researching Architecture is presented as part of the KTH School of Architecture Events Series 2017.

Where: KTH Arkitektur Oscars backe 5

When: Thursday May 18, 6-9 p.m

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