Works / CPR 2019: Navigating the (art)world

Thank you Iaspis for support to attend this workshop in New York:

// July 8-19
// New York City

CPR 2019: Navigating the (art)World, our seventh residency program and first residency program dedicated to artists will take place in New York City from July 8 – 19, 2019. Hosted by local institutions, artists and independent curators, the program gathers a cohort of up to fifteen local and international artists. The robust programming offers daily visits to artist studios and local arts institutions, and it is complemented by readings about socio-political history, arts, and culture.

Part workshop providing keys how to navigate in a local and global art world and part meeting between colleagues around a number of urgent concerns, this program will be a platform to share knowledge and approach new perspectives. While the bulk of the program consist of hands on lectures and workshops, three days will have a stronger thematically focus around notions on national belonging. Here the selected participants will share experiences with a group of artists visiting New York from the Nordic countries. Around a fantasy about commonalties and shared needs we will come together for meals, discussions and work we share among us. Ultimately an experiment we’ll try to bridge the trans-Atlantic divide between the two geopolitical realities and see if we can together challenge the hegemony of nationalism, discuss various versions of national belonging and maybe even imagine a future where borders have less impact on our lived reality.

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