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Between Affinity and Rupture: Tracing Bubbles

The publication Between Affinity and Rupture: Tracing Bubbles collects 18 contributions exploring the notion of the ‘bubble’ – a symbol of our personalised mental and social landscapes, where collisions with different realities shape our perceptions, biases, and responses. These insular realms influence how we perceive and react to realities and values, while also offering avoidance or empowerment amidst opposing viewpoints.

The collected essays include explorations by the nine artists who participated with their works in the homonymous group exhibition Mellan tillhörighet och uppbrott: Spåra bubblor (Bergsjöns Konsthall, 2022), as well as reflections by seven external interdisciplinary practitioners. This selection aims to further investigate the idea of the bubble from across multiple disciplines, and to synthesise artistic and theoretical approaches.

TEXTKerstin Bergendal, Gloria López-Cleries, MC Coble, Anki Ebonsdotter, Sandi Hilal, Amanda Karlsson, Kimzonite, Siri Landgren, Kasia X. Michnik, Imri Sandström, Åke Sjöberg, Paula Urbano, Sifen Wibell, Elin Wikström, Dawn Hang Yue Wong, Azadeh E. Zaghi
EDITORReyhaneh Mirjahani (editor), Alexandra Papademetriou (co-editor)
GRAPHIC DESIGNReyhaneh Mirjahani
FORMAT135 x 197 mm

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