Works / 48 hours Neukölln, Berlin


Konflikt Dich! (Conflict You!) is a project by five students at Studienkolleg zu Berlin, an initiative by Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes and Gemeinnützige Hertie Stiftung. The final exhibition will be a part of 48h Neukölln and is supported by AStA der Universität der Künste.

In Warsaw’s poor district Praga Północ houses are being burned down, as gentrification process is happening so fast. Vaulx-en-Vélin was the origin of the first riots in France in the 80s. Today it fights against being known as the nation’s social hotspot – constantly on the edge between putting into perspective their current problems and stigmatisation of the place and it’s people in principal. In London the 2011 riots, a call for help by the forgotten youth, serve as a promotor of redevelopment processes and Stockholm is the city with the greatest segregation in Europe – even though nobody wants to know. Our Experiment: 4 artists, 5 days in Neukölln, one exhibition about urban conflicts!

Participating artists:

Monica Maslon – video artist from Warsaw;
Stephan Bissaï – Hiphop artists from VaulxenVelin
Fahim Alam – documentary filmmaker from London
Paula Urbano – Visual artist from Stockholm

From Studienkolleg zu Berlin:

Imane Bello Political Science, France
Michael Bloss International Relations, Germany
Ludwig Maidowski Law, Germany
Simon Maris Architecture, Germany / Netherlands
Catherine Schiele Political Science, Germany


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