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The exhibition opens daily from 16.00 to 18.00 till the 18th of Nov

Felice Hapetzeder – Juanma González – Karine Mannerfelt – Mapping the Unjust City – Maria Lantz – Mourad Kouri – Muhammad Ali – Nisrine Boukhari
Curated by Abir Boukhari

Every place was made by the accumulated layers of stories of its inhabitants; those who have been making and telling a new story each day. The words come from people’s lives and their own experiences or merged with others’ narratives. Sometimes they will combine their tales with imaginations or exaggerations to create their legends and advert heroism.
Listening, hearing and collecting narratives of a place are ways to start to discover, see and probably imagine your life in a new place where you commenced to experience and to live.
We are passengers in a new city, listening to stories from its inhabitants, hearing the whispers of its fairytales, smelling the scent of previous passengers who passed by here like us and giving ourselves the right to narrate their/our stories. Soon, we are going to make our urban legends too.
The project focuses on the relation between stories of the others to discover Stockholm and what it means to become part of the city regardless of your birthplace, origin or any other predefined category the one might belong to or being categorized into
It is an attempt to open a discussion and questioning the possibilities and fears the one might face.
Are we creating a new story or is it just the continuation of the already told story by others? Do we have the right to tell the stories of a place which is not ours yet but it might become our new settlement and our children’s home or we have to collect the stories of others who experienced the place generation after others?

Upcoming event on 17 November at 15.00pm.
SUNSET WALK with Juanma Gonzalez from

Supported by Kulturrådet

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