Works / PERFORMING IDENTITY, Gallery LUDA, St Petersburg

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Det är vi /It´s we, us 4:05 min, 2013, sound 5:1, färg, 16:9, HD



According to socio-linguists we are communicating our identity mostly unconsciously. One performs his or her social and economic statuses, gender, nationality more often than telling it. Instead of saying ”I am educated”, an educated person makes a certain linguistic choice that illustrate his or her identity. What does it consist of: hair and skin color, accent, smell, bodily movements, manner of speech?

The exhibition explores the identity issues that are researched by artists born or based in Sweden, and the identity repertoires they are choosing. Part of the artists selected were not born in Sweden, but now live and work there: for them the issue of identity is an acute one. The search for belonging, adjusting to this society becomes their daily practice.

Participating artists: Santiago Mostyn, Iris Smeds, Linnéa Sjöberg, Marte Edvarda Tidslevold, Paula Urbano, Hedda Viå.

Curator – Maria Kotlyachkova



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