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The Tongue Trick (Tungtricket) 2021

Excerpt from interview by Ashik Zaman published in C-Print: I started the process when at a residency in Madrid back in October-November 2021. To be able to fully immerse in the Spanish language, my relation to it and also in so far figuring out whether to bestow the language upon my children or not, I wanted to be in a Spanish-speaking country. I had this idea of making a two-edged tongue in a knot but still forming “the tongue trick” (the formation of “a flower” to put it delicately or as we said in Skärholmen back then; to make a ”fuck you finger” but with the tongue). Only a small percentage of society can do this formation with the tongue and I happen to belong to that group.

When I made the knot with the tongue I saw that it also resembles a scarf which made me think of the act of care from a parent to child, in order to pass on a language. To pass on a mother’s tongue you see is also an act of care.

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