“What we have said already makes it further clear that a poet’s object is not to tell what actually happened but what could and would happen either probably or inevitably. The difference between a historian and a poet is not that one writes in prose and the other in verse…/ The real difference is this, that one tells what happened and the other what might happen. For this reason poetry is something more scientific and serious than history, because poetry tends to give general truths while history gives particular facts.”

Aristotle in Poetics.

Paula Urbano observes with an intersubjective perspective in her investigative narrative work about contemporary or fictive persons or places. With an interest in postcolonial theory and philosophy her art concerns themes as identity in relation to migration and location.  Starting from a subjective perspective Urbano uses photography, video and installation to delineate a state of mind in times when the sole existence has become political.
Urbano places her interrogative in the piece for the world to ponder over the eventual discrepancy between perception and representation for the individual not only in relation to the collective but also to a memory, to a location or to “the other”.
Bio: Urbano has exhibit her work in Buenos Aires, Miami, Stockholm and Santiago de Chile. Her films has been shown at both qualified film festivals as Oberhausen Shortfilmfestival and Göteborgs International Filmfestival but also at museums and galleries. Paula Urbano is born in Huddinge (Stockholm) 1980, she holds an MFA in Fine arts from Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts & Design and she is based in Stockholm.

The following films are in distribution at Her Life 2008, Here and There 2011, Mentiramente 2012 and It´s we 2013.

Paula Urbano is also a member of the interdiscpilinary group Mapping the Unjust City. More info.



Right now:

-Studio Grant @ IASPIS with Mapping the Unjust city Oct 2019-Mar 2020



-In July 2019 I went to New York to partipate in CPR 2019: Navigating the (art)World, a two week residency for artists that will provide participants with a more general knowledge how to sustain life as an artist in New York and Beyond.

Thank you IASPIS for support.

During the residency I will also be a part of  The Transatlantic Meeting on Nationalism(s).

The Transatlantic Meeting on Nationalism(s) is a gathering of artists and art professionals around national belonging and nationalism combining historical and contemporary perspectives on these complex notions. By sharing work and coming together in workshops and talks, participants based in the Nordic countries and USA will bring various perspectives together and create new knowledge.

Mapping the unjust city @ Guest Room at Marabouparken Jan-April 2019.

Public Luxury, Arkdes

Soloshow at Haninge Konsthall 24/3-3/6 2018

Soloshow at ID:i Galleri May 2018